The Combined Security and Aesthetics of Handcrafted Gates

At Monarch Custom Doors we are proud to create everything you and your homebuyers need for beautiful, custom homes including handcrafted gates. Gates are a highly desirable option for those who own a business or residence and want the added security of a controlled entry gate. If you’re interested in securing your property with an aesthetically pleasing gate, look no further than Monarch Custom Doors.

Gates have a long history of being used for security purposes. From the entrances to estates and castles in medieval times to prisons and high-security government buildings today, gatehandcrafted gatess have been used for centuries to keep trespassers out. But in today’s day and age, gates can be used as something more. They don’t just have to be there to secure a property – they can also be a beautiful first impression of a home or business.

Handcrafted gates are often built to reflect what lies beyond them. They’re also ideal for a variety of entry ways, from pools to gardens to driveways. Whichever style you’re looking for, Monarch Custom Doors can help you with every step along the way. You can choose from our gallery of meticulously handcrafted gates, or work with one of our artisans to create a customized gate as unique as your property.

handcrafted gates

Our gates can be made out of wrought iron, cast iron, bronze, or wood. All four materials have many benefits, including: security, durability, customizable design, and privacy. Whether you’re interested in a low maintenance wrought iron gate, or a durable wooden gate, Monarch Custom Doors can help you with its design and construction. We can also help to construct an electronic gate to work in conjunction with any leading technology security features like keypads, voice recognition,and remote control openers and closers.


Furthermore, a handcrafted gate will also add to the value of your property. Just by installing a gate on your property, you could raise the value of your home or building by as much as $50,000.

Gates are both aesthetically pleasing and provide years of protection. Our beautiful handcrafted gates will give your residence or private business the security and desirability you’ve always wanted. Contact Monarch Custom Doors today with your design or idea for a free quote.

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