A Better Process, A Better Wrought Iron Door

Wrought Iron Door Construction

You are investing in your home with a beautiful wrought iron door. Your door should be the highest quality and you should know what that means in every aspect of your door.We really don’t like using Bondo as a filler to cover weld joints. Bondo is commonly used in the industry by most others to cover weld areas. But instead of Bondo, after a weld is ground down to be perfectly flat, we finish the weld surface by applying the same chemical cement used in repairing bridges and other large steel structures which require the adhesive to be as strong as, or stronger than the metal it is applied to. It cost more, but it adheres much better and is much, much stronger.

Your door finish is by far the best in the industry. There are 14 separate process steps which include 3 coats rust proofing, 3 coats primer, 3 coats color, 4 separate baking cycles, and 1 clear coat finish. Our paint is Zinc-rich Fluorine Carbon Epoxy paint made by Hampel. It is a very expensive metallic fluorine carbon paint made from fluorocarbon co-polymers – It performs perfectly for durability and protectiveness of your door finish. Long-term use and testing have proven its weathering ability for long-term performance against UV and weather.

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