All of our doors are custom made to fit your requirements. Below is an example of pricing on a few popular size doors. About 90% of the doors you see in our gallery are the same price per square foot. Prices can vary, however, depending on the intricacies of your door design, such as additional labor requirements like CNC machining and laser cutting, or additional features such as hurricane hardware, thermal barrier, etc. 

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wrought iron door questions

Are Wrought Iron Doors Safe? Your Questions Answered!

In the next installment of Your Questions Answered, we’re answering some of the most frequent questions we hear about wrought iron doors. Monarch Custom Doors is your expert in wrought iron doors, and we are thrilled to partner with builders, architects, and homeowners to find the perfect wrought iron door to adorn home and building entries around the globe. See our answers to your questions about wrought iron doors: Are Wrought Iron Doors Safe? Yes, Monarch Custom Doors handcrafts wrought iron doors with safety in mind! In addition to looking more formidable than a standard door, we offer our Multi-Point

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12 gauge wrought iron doors

Your Questions Answered: 12 Gauge Wrought Iron Doors

One of our main goals at Monarch Custom Doors is to help clients better understand the craft and our commitment to ensuring the custom doors, windows, gates, garage doors, and railings we design and produce are of the highest quality. One of the ways we’ve decided to do this is to add a new feature to our blog: Your Questions Answered. Periodically, we’ll round up your questions about a particular product or material and give you insight and a behind-the-scenes look at them. This week, we’re featuring the 12 gauge wrought iron we use in our handcrafted wrought iron doors.

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The Most Unique Wine Cellar Doors

The Most Unique Wine Cellar Doors: What to Look for in 2018

Incorporating a personal wine cellar in the home has been a popular feature in custom home designs throughout the centuries. Homeowners appreciate having a selection of fine wines on hand and a beautiful cellar to display them in. The feeling of sharing a bottle from your own personal collection is priceless. When designing your next custom home, do not neglect the finer points like a wine cellar and working with Monarch Custom Doors to help design the most unique wine cellar doors. We are your premier custom door company and creating customized wine cellar doors is one of our specialties.

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