Anti-Theft Series Multipoint Locking System

For an added measure of security, we offer our Multi-Point Locking System and handles as an upgrade feature for all of our Wrought Iron Doors.

Our Multi-point Locking System makes your home more secure by reinforcing the door at points near the bottom and top of your door as well as featuring the standard deadbolt. At each bolting point, there are three thick bolts that engage into the wrought iron door jamb making your door even stronger. In addition to these three bolted sections, at the top and bottom of the door are locking pins that engage the jamb roof and threshold adding to your doors integrity. This premium hardware is available for any wrought iron door design. Please complete a contact us form to receive pricing information.

To see our selection of available handles, please visit the FS-Series Door Handles page.

multipoint locking systems

Locking System for iron doors

Multi-point locking system for iron doors