Limitless Design Options

Design doors for any space, and time, anywhere in the world.

We can produce anything.

Send us a design of your own – either in CAD form or on a napkin – and we will discuss with you the estimate and the time required to finish a one-of-a-kind door for as many rooms as you wish.

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Limitless Design 001 - Custom made design family

Limitless Design 002 - Custom made design familyLimitless Design 007 - T-Square used on project plans

Whether your requirements are for a new municipal building, a 80 story office building, a casino in Macau, or a luxury residence in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else in the World, no matter how complex the need, Monarch Custom Doors will work with you until you have exactly what you want.

Limitless Design 004 – Our designers working on commercial building project Onsite

Our design department will work closely with you to insure your door(s), gate, railings, or other custom wood or iron work are made by the best artisans and from the finest selection of materials.

For the more complicated design requirements, you will receive regular progress updates and photos, so you will always know exactly what the status of the project is


Saudi door

Custom bronze door which stands 15’ (4.57 meters) high and 10’ (3.05 meters) wide and weighs 6,750 lbs. (3,065 kilograms) installed in a Saudi Arabian villa.

These doors needed to be engineered so that the hinges would support the massive weight, and the last 15 degrees of closure is designed so that the door when closing does not close too fast due to the weight of the doors.

Santa Fe door surround

Bronze plated moldings for store front being installed

Reliance stairs

Heavy wrought iron railings and stair risers for commercial application.

Reliance filigree

Heavy wrought iron corner and widow deco.

ornamental rail render

CAD design for stunning copper rail section ready for installation.

LeReve canopy construction

Canopy engineered and cast for commercial building.

LeReve canopy 3D renderingEncore custom texture bronze

Etched cooper deco sheeting for commercial application.

Bronze lion doors

Bronze home theater doors at the foundry being prepared for shipment.

Bronze lion door detail

winworld 11winworld 10winworld 4winworld 3

Close up on bronze theater door.

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