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entry doorsWood and wrought iron entry doors are by far the most popular, but glass doors, and even entry doors of other metals are also available. The best woods for custom entry doors are hard woods like mahogany, maple, and oak. In part your choice depends upon whether you want a dark color wood or a light color wood.Now all of our wrought iron doors are all available with “THERMAL BREAK” for doors installed in cold winter areas, “IMPACT GLASS” for doors install in high-wind coastal areas, and “SECURITY GLASS” for added protection against intrusion.Regardless of the material you choose for your entry door, our craftsmen will ensure your door will be one that those who enter it are impressed by its detail and beauty. Whether the door is crafted from bronze, copper, cast iron, wood, beveled glass, or some combination of materials, we guarantee its beauty and life for years to come.In both our Interior Doors and Entry Doors categories there are three different door design series. Our Legacy Series is those doors that are found in our standard offering, the Heritage Series are custom, hand-crafted doors, and our Regency Series are hand-carved, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind artisan doors.

All of the door designs in the other door categories are custom designed doors.Simply select one of our many ageless door designs from our Legacy Series, Heritage Series, or Regency Series and tell us your material preference and we will provide you with an estimate of cost and time needed to craft the door. Or, send us a design of your own – this could be a design you liked from some photograph, or it might be a CAD drawing, or just a design that was drawn on the back of a napkin. As soon as we have that we can begin the process of crafting that one-of-a-kind entry door for you.

We offer both custom, hand-crafted wood doors, and we also offer a complete line of standard production solid wood doors direct from our factory. Our standard line of wood doors is targeted at the price-sensitive residential and commercial construction markets – primarily builders and architects – but are also available to others. These doors are generally available for immediate shipment, whereas the custom doors may take a few months to craft.

Because our standard wood door offerings are too broad to list on this website, we have a separate catalog of listing for those doors which we would be happy to send you. For a copy of that catalog, please contact us at the email address or phone numbers listed below.For more information on pricing or any door design, ours or yours, please email us at contactus@monarchcustomdoors.com, or call us at 970-999-5895.

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