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iron-art-manTo the true artist, nothing much has changed in the thousands of years since the first human picked up a chisel, or stoked a fire, or mashed some berries to get a unique color with the intent of creating something truly special in either wood, metal, paint, or stone. Such Masters of their art still create works of absolute beauty in the same way it has been done since the beginning – by hand.

From the collection of reclaimed exotic woods, to the hand-tools used by the Master Craftsmen, to the process of slowly, and meticulously carving the woods by these Masters, this is an “art-form” few know, or can actually do any longer. These wood carvings take many months to finish – often 4-8 months depending upon the piece.

Much of the same is true when pieces are designed and crafted by an artist who first draw their vision on paper, and then finishes that piece of “metal art” in the foundry. Like hand-carved wood pieces, these metal pieces are made one-at-a-time (not mass produced by using a mold to make thousands, maybe millions). Again, these are truly hand-crafted pieces of metal art.

That is why we at Monarch Custom Doors are so proud to display some of their work here in the “Wood and Metal Art” section on our website. We have selected some stunning works in wood and in metals from true Masters living around the world – one of a kind pieces of breathless beauty crafted by hand just for you. Our website is the “Door” we use to make these, and other fine art pieces are available to you.

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