We only use the highest quality materials whether you are working with metals or woods.

Great Metal Choices

Whether the entire wrought iron door is composed of metal, or it is made from a combination of metal, wood, glass and even gold inlay, our craftspeople will ensure your satisfaction. There are several fine choices of metals to choose from which are used in the art of our custom exterior door construction. The choice of metals is a personal one influenced by individual taste and, perhaps, budget. Obviously, a door of pure gold might be the most expensive door known, while a door of cast iron would be quite inexpensive in comparison. Whichever metal you choose, Monarch Custom Doors assures you that you will be very pleased with your selection. From wrought iron front doors to copper-infused entrances, the only limit is your imagination!

The difference between both cast and wrought iron is really whether the metal has a very high carbon content, such as cast iron does, and must be poured into a mold because it can’t be forged or rolled. Wrought iron, on the other hand, has a much lower carbon content so it can be forged and welded. Copper is a beautiful metal and is easily worked. Bronze and Brass, which are really copper alloys, are used in the construction of fine, luxury, and special purpose doors (see the set of double bronze theater doors on this website). The doors can be made of solid metal or a metal overlay on a different material depending on the particular requirements for the door. Additionally, those metals can also be used as inlays on wood and glass doors. Whichever metal or combination of materials you choose, our artisans and craftspeople will provide you a true one-of-a-kind piece of art with our top-notch custom doors.

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Cast Iron & Wrought Iron

Traditionally a popular option for fences, gates, railings and grilles, these materials are occasionally utilized in designer doors as artistic elements or as base materials. Bi-annual inspection and maintenance will ensure lasting beauty. All Monarch Custom Doors wrought iron doors and window frames are made from a very heavy 12 gauge wrought iron. 12 gauge wrought iron is .1046 inches thick and weighs 4.267 pounds per square foot. Compare that to 14 gauge wrought iron, which is .0747 inches thick, and weighs 3.047 lbs. per square foot.
This means that a 12 gauge wrought iron door of any size is 28.6% heavier, and 29% thicker than a similar 14 gauge wrought iron door. Because of this, a 12 gauge door is a much stronger wrought iron door and much less susceptible to damage, or the effects of weather. Our custom iron doors are perfect for a nearly unlimited number of applications

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An alloy formed from copper and zinc, this metal is even harder than bronze, and like bronze, is fairly corrosion resistant and is less expensive than copper.

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An alloy first made from copper and tin around 3,500 BC, the metal was so important that an entire age named “The Bronze Age” is referred to by historians. This metal is harder than copper and can be used as an overlay or as a solid for doors.

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Formed from the lava minerals that occur during volcanic activity, Copper was first discovered around 9,000 BC in the Middle East. Copper, when used, is generally used as an overlay to another material such as wood to create a beautiful, sturdy custom exterior door.

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Gold and Silver

These two metals were forged when a supernova exploded billions of years ago creating temperatures not found anywhere else in the universe. What natural metal could be rarer than these? These two metals, if they are used, are used primarily as inlays on custom wood and iron doors due to their expense.

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