The Monarch Factories and Team

Just like the woods we select, which come from many different forest in the world, the factories, craftspeople and artisans who will be assembling, and perhaps hand carving the door designs you have selected, are located in many different countries.

Whether you have selected solid wood, metal, artistic glass, or some combination of these materials, we employ the artisans best qualified to work in the material(s) of your choice. Some of these people reside in the USA, some in Europe, and some in Asia. Wherever they are, we insure that the work is done where the most qualified individuals are located – of course, we also insure that given the same quality of work, that we will do that work where it is most cost effective for you.

Here, in the above photo, you see just one of the factories where the process of crafting your door(s) begins. Raw material are being collected and prepared to move on to the next step in the assembly process. On the lower left side of the photo is a stack of partially assembled wood parts used in an order for a number of mid-priced office doors.

In the following photos are workers performing just a few of the activities which are part of the chain that begins in the forest and ends on the shipping dock.


Here several office room doors are being inspected prior to packaging and shipment to a European client.


At this facility craftsman are hand-crafting delicate carvings which will become part of a larger door assembly


A beautiful piece of American mahogany being milled.


At this factory a chest with drawers, which when finished will be a fine piece of furniture, is not only a functional piece of furniture, it will also swing aside when needed to expose a hidden security door located behind it.


These are two hand-crafted pieces of veneers that will later be applied to the front of a steel security door which will then look to the eye like any other solid wood door


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