Picking The Right Wood With Your Custom Door Company Part 1

When it comes to the design and beauty of crafting a custom wood door, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. Whether you’re looking to create a unique interior door or design a stunning wrought iron front door, we can help! Monarch Custom Doors is your source for the finest quality custom exterior doors, garage doors, railings, windows, and so on. As a top-notch custom door company, we deliver meticulously crafted results to architects, designers, builders, and homeowners. No matter the purpose for your custom door, the specifications and materials are all your choice! When it comes to finding the right hardwood for your portal, there are dozens of appropriate choices.


Materializing Your Custom Wood Doors

There is an abundance in the variety of trees from which we derive lumber. For residential front doors, the types of usable wood are narrowed down to 81 species. While this seems like enough, it should be noted that there are numerous members of each species (mahogany has 85 versions!). Since there are only so many hours in the day, we’ll continue by looking at the different species that one can utilize when designing their perfect wrought iron door.

  • Ash. A readily available species that comes from the United States and Europe, this classic wood variety is distinguishable by its signature straight grain style. Lightly colored, ash doors are sure to liven up your interior with a vintage beauty.
  • Hickory. Consisting of a heavy, durable build, hickory is sure to stand the test of time. People seeking a tough material will be more than pleased with the elegance and resilience of this lumber.
  • Mahogany. Known as the cosmopolitan of wood, mahogany consists of 85 different varieties of the same class. The quality of this species varies greatly based on geographic origin. Typically, mahogany is a versatile, widely accepted wood that is perfectly utilized for designer front doors and elegant cabinets. Again, the price and quality vary greatly based on where the lumber is sourced from.
  • Alder. A commonly utilized species, alder is a universal choice. Featuring a pronounced grain, this wood is very compliant with stains, and can be finished to match the theme and design of its surroundings. A mid-premium lumber, alder is a great choice for incorporating into a custom exterior door.
  • Maple. A strong, resilient wood, maple is a classy choice for incorporation into custom interior doors. It’s ability to take stains easily helps to make it a popular lumber choice. Consisting of more than 120 varieties, maple is a commonly found tree across the Northern Hemisphere. Its durability and middle price point makes this wood a useful option. However, maple’s susceptibility to rot and disease makes it a poorer choice for facing the elements.

The realm of hardwoods consists of a melting pot of unique species, all of which offer particular benefits and drawbacks. Finding the right material for your custom exterior door can be a tricky process. Using a professional custom door company can be more than beneficial for acquiring knowledgeable assistance. Monarch Custom Doors is your source for the highest quality wood and wrought iron doors. Next time, we’ll look into a few more of the many hardwoods that can be used to beautify your project. Contact us now to learn more!

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