Captivate Guests With A Rustic Custom Exterior Door

For many people, their home is a castle. Outside of the drawbridge and iron gate, modern homeowners are often looking for a taste of antiquity with their modern home improvements. Whether you are a resident looking to improve your own kingdom or a contractor seeking the perfect product for a client’s tastes, we can help! Monarch Custom Doors designs and fabricates top-quality residential front doors along with gates, windows, interior doors, and so on. We take pride in our work and are happy to offer custom exterior doors in every shape and size. If you’ve been searching for a custom door company, you’ve come to the right place!


One popular style that we have worked with is that of old world doors. Built to offer protection from the elements while promoting warmth and welcoming, doors of days past were built by hand to last. Today, we’ll look at a few things to ponder when considering putting up a rustic wrought iron front door. We also specialize in custom wood doors as well. If you can dream it, we can do it!




If you have an ideal image for your door, it’s important to take measurements and clearances into consideration. Double doors are a great way to stand out from the crowd, but it will only work if your porch has sufficient space. Arches are also a popular choice that can provide increased aesthetic qualities. Many homeowners imagine owning sturdy, gargantuan doors that leave an unforgettable impression on guests.




As the creators of custom wood and iron doors, we can happily say that your choice of style will be made into reality in an accurate fashion. Hinges, blocks, and iron grills were commonplace on homes of old, and now you can capture this in a modern fashion. Looking for a slot to open at eye level to retain an antique peephole? How about the bolts that boast structural integrity on each panel? Our custom door company can work to turn your ideal door into a stunning reality. We also craft designer windows to mix and match to your door’s needs. If you need glass surrounding your new door, this custom window company can help!




Unlike the olden days, our designer front doors now are made to the highest standard. Each product we create is handcrafted with a keen eye on quality to ensure years of beautiful, reliable service. Don’t pay extra for an authentic product when all of our doors are made to specification to exceed energy demands. Our custom wood doors are also made with a focus on security to keep all of your customers and their families safe and sound. With such sturdy construction and quality, it’s easy to see why Monarch is a top custom door company!
The door has stood as the first impression of a home since the dawn of modern living. Being able to wow your guests with quality craftsmanship and an authentic style is a valuable part of home design. Homeowners and installers alike can benefit from our custom wood doors, windows, railings, and so on. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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