A Look At Unique Doors For Your Property

Whether you’re an architect looking to craft a custom exterior door or a homeowner seeking the perfect door for your home, our team of experts is ready to help! Monarch Custom Doors specializes in designing and fabricated the highest quality residential front doors and exterior windows. Our custom door company strives to provide customers with the perfect product for every project. If you’re in need of a memorable designer front door or looking to create an entirely new piece, we’re ready to help!

When it comes to designing and fabricated the perfect door, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. Today, we’ll look at a few unique styles that are making a mark on the American landscape. If one of these styles speaks to you, contact us to get a quote today!

Documented Dutch

This historically useful design was popularly used in the 1600s around the Netherlands. The pre-United States also had these doors amongst Dutch areas within the colonies. Essentially, the door is cut in half horizontally with a solid wood bottom and a windowed top. People used this device to be able to open the top half for fresh air and sunshine while also keeping livestock out. Dutch doors are in use today in a variety of applications, from train carts to interior residential doors. We commonly see people utilize this style in kitchens, game rooms, and at stairways. A butler shelf can be added to provide a small surface for user convenience. While not necessary for modern times, Dutch doors are great for capturing the fun of history while offering a unique option for homeowners. The simple construction also makes this style affordable with nearly any wood material. Your custom door company can help to design and build this style to give your home a sense of adventure.

Going Gothic

When you think of grand architecture and church sweeping arches, chances are that you are imagining Gothic design. Since the 1800s, the Gothic style has been used in a variety of buildings to provide a sturdy, reliable entry system. The signature arch at the top of the door was historically used as an improvement of Roman joint vaulting. Gothic architecture utilized several strategies to create tall, beautiful spires and open chambers. Our custom door company can capture the history and intrigue of this period by building or designing a product to perfectly fit your building.

Victorian Verification

While this period spanned multiple decades and covers a variety of styles, our focus on Queen Anne architecture will help to best summarize a stereotypical image of Victorian doors. This style is best summarized as a simple cottage-style design that is combined with a generous amount of ornate carvings and decorations. This can be seen as the romantic era of doors, where focus was put into the ornamentation of design, including the use of rails with raised panels. The options for customization for the glass are only limited by the designer’s imagination. It can be difficult to hammer out exactly what your Victorian era door should look like. Monarch can assist by providing our classic designs and by offering design advice.

While these three styles can improve the curb appeal of your home, it’s important to note that there are hundreds of additional options to choose from. From simple wooden designs to custom iron doors, Monarch can do it all! Our team can work with you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the best possible product. As your custom door company, we also specialize in personalized gates, rails, and art sculptures. We are here to help designers, architects, and homeowners. Feel free to contact us today to learn more or to get started on your project!

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