Interesting Doors Facts From Your Custom Door Company Part 2

The front door of your home may look like nothing more than a wood panel combined with hinges and screws. Throughout time, though, these entryways have taken on a much more symbolic meaning. Monarch Custom Doors knows the value of this and strives to create the perfect product for each and every one of our customers. Our custom door company provides quality door and window designs for a wide variety of uses, from perimeter gates to custom iron doors. Last time, we looked at a few interesting facts surrounding this valuable portal. Today, we’ll continue this journey by discussing a few more fun facts about doors and their origins. Even if you may never need this entertaining information, it can still help to impress your colleagues!

Religious Remembrance

Doors and their colors can be used for historical or religious associations. Red doors, for example, are a common site across the globe in churches. The origin for this interesting fact stems from the Old Testament, where Israelites were commanded to cover their doors in the blood of a lamb to receive safety from the plagues that were cast upon Egypt. Red doors now represent Passover and serve as a symbol of sanctuary for believers. While religious inclinations may have started the theme of owning a red residential front door, different societies have adopted it for their own uses:

  • American tradition held that red doors symbolized that any weary travelers had a safe place to rest.
  • The Underground Railroad also reportedly used this system. Escaped slaves could observe red doors in their journey to guide them to safety.
  • Chinese citizens heavily favor the color red and its positive intentions. A Chinese New Year tradition for many families is to apply a fresh coat of red paint to receive good luck for the coming year.
  • A more commonly known fact is that the Scottish often paint their doors red as a symbol of financial security. Mainly, people who paid off their home mortgage would then paint their door to tell the world that they are not weighed down by debt.

Rebellious Reasons

While a red door is meant to symbolize safety and protection, a bright collection of colors is allegedly used to express rebellion. This anecdote derives from Dublin, Ireland, where residents were told to paint their doors black in remembrance of the passing of Queen Victoria in 1901. History helps to mold the frustration from the Irish, starting the habit of painting doors very brightly to rebel the order. Another origin story humorously points to the women of Dublin for painting the doors to ensure that their inebriated husbands made it home to the right bed. More realistically, strict development rules ensured that all doors were uniform and boring. Residents would then paint a color of their choice to stand out from the monotony of identical doors.

Your door may have more history and meaning than you realize. The process of creating custom exterior doors must be perfect to ensure that a quality product is delivered on time, every time. As your go-to custom door company, we’re proud to use our team to create stunning, unique doors for any situation. If you’re in need of a custom iron or wood door for your upcoming project, Monarch Custom Doors can help! Contact us today to get started turning your dream door into a reality!

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