Security Tips For Your Residential Front Door

When it comes to keeping their family safe, most people will do just about anything. Investing in security and peace of mind is well worth it when all’s said and done. Often times, burglars or intruders will try your home’s main entry point before attempting other methods of gaining entry. If someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to your home or business, it’s important to have the proper deterrents in place. As your go-to custom door company, Monarch Custom Doors is here to help! Our team of modern artisans works hard to craft a wide range of custom exterior doors to match our clients’ dream products while also optimizing safety and performance. Today, we’ll look at a few security considerations that can help keep your home secure and your family safe. If your door is needing to be replaced, Monarch’s designer front doors can be the ideal replacement to optimize protection.

Door Materials

Your door’s composition will do much to determine how effective it is against break-ins. Solid-core doors are sturdier and less likely to break under pressure. Crafting a custom wood door with a solid core is an excellent start, or if you want further protection, the option of installing a custom iron door is available. Doors composed of metal are ideal for resistance damage and tampering. Essentially, the composition of your door will help to determine what other features need to be installed to maximize your safety.

Our lineup of wrought iron front doors is ideal for creating a stunning product that allows ample sunlight in while protecting against intruders. If your design does not work well with our metal inlays, a security storm door can be installed on the outside for added protection.

Locking Devices

If your existing or designed doors do not have deadbolts or other similar security devices incorporated, it’s time to make a change. Deadbolts cannot be slipped and lock directly into the door frame, making it difficult for any thieves trying to gain entry. While the quality and effectiveness of deadbolts do range, do make sure to grab one that cannot be picked and comes with a metal strike plate for the door jamb.

Door Reinforcements

There are several options available that can allow you to upgrade the effectiveness of your secured front door. Those strike plates, for example, should come with screws that are long enough to reach into studs surrounding your door frame, further reducing the likelihood of someone being able to kick the entire door in. You can also buy hinge and edge upgrades to beef up any weaknesses inherent in the door. While not an authority in home protection devices, Monarch does recommend installing a motion sensor to alert you when doors are opened.

Keeping your loved ones and possessions safe is a top priority for many Americans. Monarch Custom Doors is here to provide you with design, engineering, and fabrication services to create the perfect door for your home, project, or so on. Our custom door company focuses heavily on quality and detail to ensure that every aspect of your door design is perfect. Contact us to learn more about our world-class process or to get your project started today!

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