Replacement Window Styles With Your Custom Window Company

As the warm weather continues, many Americans are throwing their windows open and letting in the fresh air. For some citizens, though, the act of simply opening their ancient windows may present too much of a challenge. Aging, outdated windows present a variety of negative factors for the home. Whether you’re an engineer, an architect, or a homeowner looking for quality designer windows, Monarch Custom Doors can help! Our experienced craftsmen design and build custom windows and doors to meet our customer’s unique needs. Beyond the top-quality doors and unique gates, our technicians specialize in standard and custom replacement windows to boost the appeal and value of any home or business. Today, we’ll look at a few window styles that are available to meet your stringent standards. From wrought iron windows to modern glass stylings and more, the only thing limiting your product is your imagination!

  • Double hung: Featuring two sashes that open and close independently of one another, double hung windows are the modern go-to for a variety of structural styles. The bottom portion can be closed to ensure the safety of children while many styles provide tilt options for even more customization. Replacing your old, inefficient windows with a double hung format will provide increases in user safety and energy efficiency.
  • Sliders: This popular style operates similarly to double hung windows, except the sashes slide horizontally. Easy to clean and operate, many homeowners will choose this style for their renovations.
  • Casement: Featuring sashes that are attached to the frame by at least one hinge, casement windows feature a hand lever that pushes the window outward when spun. You can use this style one at a time or in pairs to create a traditional look. It’s important to note that these windows require some elbow grease to open and close, and the opening style requires there to be adequate space on the window’s exterior.

  • Picture: Consisting of a fixed design that does not open, picture windows are available in numerous shapes and sizes to fill a number of spaces in the home. From stair landings to large living rooms, these fixed windows let light in while providing an attractive view of the outside world.
  • Awning: This adaptable window style utilizes a hinge to swing outward in order to let fresh air in. Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward at the bottom. Awning windows can be placed above, below, or beside other window styles, as well as above doors. Hopper windows are essentially the same, except their hinge resides at the bottom and allows the window to tilt inward.
  • Transom: Featuring a narrow style that can either be opened or fixed, transom windows are typically mounted above doors or other windows to let in additional light. Our custom window company can help to design and fit the perfect style for your project!
  • Bay or bow: These attractive styles extend out beyond the home exterior to create a stunning focal point. Bay windows tend to feature a stationary window in the center with casements or double hungs on the sides to allow air in.

When it comes to custom windows and doors, our specialists are here and ready to help. Outfitting your home with windows from our custom window company can pay big when it comes to the aesthetic beauty and overall value of your home. Contact Monarch Custom Doors today to see how we can assist in your next project or renovation!

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