Taking A Closer Look At Fire Doors

Whether you’re a designer, a builder, an architect, or a homeowner, you’ve more than likely had an experience with finding the right door for your project. In commercial applications, this can often include the need for fire doors. Finding the perfect door for your structure is vital for creating a long-term aesthetic quality that also comes with more beneficial consequences. Monarch Custom Doors is your go-to custom door company for clients nationwide. From residential front doors to custom windows and more, our professionals are here to help you design and fabricate your ideal door. People may think we’re crazy about our stunning interior and custom exterior doors, but we just like to think of ourselves as passionate. If it’s about the craft, we’re on board! Today, we’ll take a closer look into what fire doors are made of and their value to society.

What is a Fire Door?

The Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers Association (ASDMA) has provided a definition of a fire door, which is any complete door assembly and other hardware involved that when closed, is designed to provide resistance against fire and smoke for inhabitant safety. Technically, a fire door is the complete package. Fire doors can be composed of multiple materials, from timber and steel to aluminum and more. The exterior surface can be plain or paneled, and the finishes can also vary.

How Do Fire Doors Work?

Fire door assemblies are designed to provide two key functions: resist flames and heat and seal against smoke infiltration. You can compartmentalize the flames in order to give inhabitants a safe, secure escape route. Based on your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), the rating of fire doors can vary. Fire doors range in effectiveness, including 20, 45, 60, and 90-minute products. These ratings represent how long the door assembly is able to protect occupants from fire hazards.

If your doors are rated for 45 minutes, the building’s inhabitants should theoretically have that long to escape to safety. Smoke seals are also crucial for preventing the transference of smoke from one room to another. In fact, smoke inhalation makes up a majority of the risk during a building fire.

Do I Need Additional Components?

One area that often creates a risk in the event of a fire is a lack of comprehensive fire-rated equipment in the installation of a door. From the weather stripping on your door to the hinges, latches, and handles, every aspect needs to match the door’s fire rating to be effective. Otherwise, these vital components may melt or warp in the event of a fire, sabotaging the entire door’s integrity and failing to provide optimal safety services.

Whether you’re in need of designer front doors or fire doors that are rated to hold up in the event of an emergency, the professionals at Monarch Custom Doors can help. With years of experience providing customers nationwide with accuracy and quality, our professionals are able to handle it all. From custom wood doors for your theater entrance to stylized windows and gates, the Monarch team is here and ready to get started. Contact us today to see how we can turn your idea into reality!

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