Interior Wood Doors - Builder Line

(Minimum Order Quantity Of Twenty Doors Or $15,000)

We offer a variety of custom interior wood doors that can be constructed in any
size within a fraction of an inch in any dimension. Not only that, but we can also
build any door design in practically any wood species you might choose. The door
design can be one of our door designs, or the door design can be a highly
customized design required by you or your client. Since the doors are made to
order, the versatility of style is endless.

Your doors will be constructed by master woodworkers in either a solid wood
species of your choice, or as an engineered door with a veneer finish.

Since the doors we make are all hand-crafted, the selections of style, sizes, jambs,
hinges, casings, glass, handles, etc. are all customizable and practically unlimited.

Let us know your choice of design, the size and number of each door type, and
the ZIP code where you would like the doors delivered and we will provide you
with a quote. If after receiving our quote you decide to proceed, we will create a
preliminary CAD drawing of the doors for you to review and make any needed
changes to.

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