Iron Specifications

for Wrought Iron Doors

Don’t be mislead – 12 gauge wrought iron doors and door frames are 40% heavier, and 40% thicker than 14-gauge doors and they’re 75% heavier and thicker than 16-gauge doors. Because of this, a 12 gauge door is a much stronger custom iron door and much less susceptible to damage, or the effects of weather.


  • Built using only the highest quality, hand forged, 12 gauge wrought iron (.1046 inches thick, weight 4.267 lbs. per
    square foot) and 5/8″ scroll work
  • Doors are 2” thick, pre-hung and tested for quality assurance
  • Completely insulated with high density polyurethane foam in all cavities
  • Heavy duty foam weather stripping
  • Hot dipped galvanized, seven step epoxy paint process
  • Heavy duty, ball baring, barrel hinges can each hold 1000 pounds of weight
  • Multiple finish options to choose from, found on our Color Selections page



  • Our glass windows are 5mm double layer, tempered with 9mm Argon gap (overall 19mm)
  • Operable glass windows open into the home for ease of cleaning & ventilation
  • Upon request, we offer low-e, impact, reflective, and security glass options
  • Variety of glass patterns available to choose from, found on our Glass Selections page
  • Variety of handle options available for purchase including standard finger latch or roller latch
  • Security doors and three point locking systems available upon request