Swiss Thermal Barrier for Cold Climates

Thermally Insulated Doors & Windows

Our thermal barrier technology was developed and patented in Switzerland where it has been used for, and proven highly effective against, cold and heat transfer for many years. To our knowledge, we are the only door company which provides what we consider to be the finest thermal barrier for metal doors and windows available anywhere.

Wrought Iron Door U & R Value spec

U Values of .41 or higher do not pass code in many building districts. In those areas U values must be lower than U.32. 

The lower the U value the better.

Other Company’s U Value – .41                        Monarch Custom Doors U Value – .27 (52% better)

For R values the higher the better.

Other Company’s R Value – 2.44                     Monarch Custom Doors R Value – 3.70 (52% better)

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