Storm Ready: Doors and Windows in Light of Natural Disasters

Monarch Custom Door - Storm Doors

In light of the recent natural disasters that have plagued our country from fires to hurricanes and historic flooding, it’s no wonder you’re worried about the integrity of your doors, windows, and railings. Fitting homes, buildings, or offices with proper doors and windows that are better designed to withstand natural disasters is proving to be more crucial than ever. Monarch Custom Doors understands the importance of this and carries hurricane hardware and impact glass to meet the specific building codes of these areas.

In order to help you build or prepare your existing home to survive natural disasters, Monarch Custom Doors have taken these steps to help you plan for storms, natural disasters, and other unfortunate events that may befall your building:

  • We Offer Building Code Solutions: Monarch Custom Doors works with contractors to help you meet the building codes of your area. We offer a variety of hurricane hardware and impact glass solutions and will work within your needs to find a beautiful custom solution.
  • High Quality Materials: We only source the highest quality woods, metals, and glass for your project. These products are better developed to withstand natural disasters than lower quality solutions and can help your home sustain less damage as a result.
  • Variety of Options: We not only design and create custom doors, windows, and more, we also welcome your design solutions that meet your exact needs and specifications. Monarch Custom Doors is happy to work with you to meet the building codes and create a one-of-a-kind solution.
  • Here to Help: In the event of a natural disaster, we’re here to help! If the home sustains damage in a tragic disaster, we would be honored to work with contractors to find high-quality replacements for doors or windows.

Monarch Custom Doors provides custom solutions for homes, offices, corporate buildings, restaurants, and apartment buildings around the world and we understand the unique needs of every environment. We only use the highest quality materials available and work hard to provide custom door designs. Our doors and windows can be made to meet the strict building codes of many coastal regions, while still offering you the flexibility to design beautiful custom homes.

Monarch Custom Doors would love to work with you on custom door designs to find the best door, window, railing, garage door, or gate solution for the needs of your home and environment. We specialize in providing our customers with the most beautiful, handcrafted, built-for-the-ages doors, windows, and railings found anywhere in the world. Choose from our standard galleries of fine, meticulously built premiere solutions. If you don’t see anything that meets the needs of your region or building codes, our artisans work with you and your set of specifications to craft custom doors, windows, railings, and gates that meet your distinctive needs. See the many styles we’ve created or contact us for more information about your custom design.

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