Church Doors Through the Test of Time

Church Doors - Monarch Custom DoorsThe door on any building is often the first impression for many. Church doors are no exception; these entry ways have been used for generations across the world to convey the hope and symbolism of the building and the beliefs taught inside. Through the ages of time, these custom built doors vary wildly, but they all have one thing in common, they are built by artistic craftsman committed to the significance of the building.

What is a Church Door?

Typically a church door refers to the architectural detail of the beautiful port of entry into a church or other place of worship. No door has a greater history of grandeur and mystery than does a beautifully crafted door for such a spiritual place. For centuries artisans from every part of the world labored, sometimes for years, to create such doors – doors which were really spiritual works of art on level with many other famous works of religious art.

There is much symbolism in the shape, style, and color of church doors across all religions and practices. For instance, churches have painted their doors red Church Doors - Monarch Custom Doorsfor centuries as a way of, “remembering the ultimate sacrifice that others had made for their faith.” In another example, the doors of the Baptistery of St. John, now relocated to the Museum Opera del Duomo, in Florence depict scenes from St. John’s life in gold plating and bronze, giving outsiders a beautiful first impression of the church. The significance of a church door is a tradition that has been passed down through the ages.

Catholics mark the significance of doors, “By expressing the hope that He who on the day of our baptism invited us to enter through the door of His Church may likewise welcome us at the hour of our death with the consoling words: ‘Intra in gaudium Domini tui— Enter thou into the joy of the Lord.’” Meaning, entering a door is the first step towards the Lord.

The doors on a Temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints’ are similarly filled with symbolism. Every door on the Temple is constructed with brass doorknobs and faceplates with carvings that include “Several symbols that reflect scriptural themes and denote the ordinances and blessings pertaining to the temple.”

Times have changed and with that, church door styles have changed as well. But the significance and symbolism lives strong. These doors are often the first thing visitors see and the first impression of the place of worship.

Monarch Custom Doors continues the tradition of beautiful handmade church doors. Regardless of the material or symbolism you choose for your church door, our craftsmen will insure that this door will ensure all who enter are impressed by its detail and beauty. Whether the door is made of bronze, copper, cast iron, wood, beveled glass, or some combination of those materials, we guarantee its beauty and life for years to come.

Monarch Custom Doors can work with your existing space or building plans to design and build a custom church door. See the many styles we’ve created here or contact us for more information about your custom church door design. We’re happy to help you imagine and design the perfect door to adorn your church, cathedral, or other spiritual building that will give guests the impression of hope upon entering.

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