Wrought Iron Door Security: Safety Features and More

At Monarch Custom Doors, wrought iron door security is one of our many specialties. Wrought iron doors have so many valuable features – from their versatility in style to their ability to withstand severe weather and possibly, most importantly, their added safety features. Monarch Custom Doors only uses 12-gauge wrought iron, which provides an added benefit of security and durability. You see, 12-gauge wrought iron doors and frames are 40% heavier and thicker than 14-gauge wrought iron doors, and they’re 75% heavier and thicker than 16-gauge wrought iron doors. Having a heavier and sturdier door can aid in deterring break-ins.

wrought iron door security

Monarch Custom Doors builds the finest quality doors with our 12-gauge wrought iron. The wrought iron material will help deter break-ins because it’s ideal for resistance damage and tampering. If given the choice between a regular door and a wrought iron door, we would encourage anyone with safety concerns to pick the latter. For additional security benefits you can choose options such as Impact Glass or Security Glass in your wrought iron door to combine superior glass with our high quality iron for a one-of-a-kind front door.

wrought iron door security

With any sort of metal door there is going to be an element of strength, which will easily deter burglars and trespassers. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, 34% of burglars intrude right through the front door. Here at Monarch Custom Doors, we not only want your entry to be beautiful, but safe as well. We also offer the option to have a three point locking system and handle included with your custom wrought iron door security system. This special anti-theft feature comes with a standard deadbolt, but also reinforcement points at the top and bottom of the door.

Not only are our wrought iron doors safe, but they are also beautiful. The fun part about wrought iron doors is that they are customizable, look gorgeous with any type of design, and they increase the value of your home. These two wrought iron doors have certain security features that you can’t even see – like the anti-theft series multipoint locking system, and impact glass. Looking at these doors, you can’t even tell that extra measures have been taken to make them more secure, because they are so beautiful. We think you’ll be happy to discover the many ways we can make your door safe, functional, and beautiful.

Homebuyers are just as likely to notice security features as custom touches, and you can get both with Monarch Custom Doors. We work with builders and individuals alike to provide them with the best service and craftsmanship ever imagined, along with safety features in mind because we’re committed to our customers.

We know that wrought iron door security is an important factor when looking into a custom door. Monarch Custom Door’s 12-gauge wrought iron doors don’t only add safety but they are the most striking doors on the market. Contact us today for a free quote for handcrafted wrought iron doors for your home, office, or project!



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