A Closer Look at Monarch’s Custom Home Theater Doors

Just imagine: the movie on the big screen in front of you is capturing your attention so much so, you don’t even notice your wife walk through the home theater doors. She sits down next to you with the popcorn, and your attention is redirected. As you look around the theater, you see your sister and her husband, and your kids. There are no strangers around because you are in the comfort of your own home theater. The room feels just like the real cinematic experience of a large movie theater. Your favorite part of the entire room though – the custom home theater door you got to design with Monarch Custom Doors.

Home Theater Doors

At Monarch Custom Doors, we want our doors to have this affect on all of our customers. We design many different types of custom doors, including wrought iron doors, custom entry doors, and home theater doors. Home theaters are a fun way to bring the dramatic and cinematic features of a large theater into your own home, and Monarch Custom Doors specializes in the finest quality and unique styles of home theater doors on the market. Whatever type of home theater you’re creating, we are here to help you design your custom door.

Just like all of our other products, if you dream it, we deliver it. We can create any home theater door you dream of, or recreate a famous theater door that you’d like to duplicate in your home. We’ve designed custom home theater doors with tufted vinyl and leather to give theaters a sophisticated, classic theater look. We have also created modern style theater doors with chic metal and wood incorporations, as well as roman-style doors with pillars to accentuate the pronounced entrance to the theater. Whether you’re looking to design a state-of-the-art modern theater, or an old-fashioned style theater, Monarch Custom Doors can create the theater entry door of your dreams.

Home Theater Doors

We also work very closely with builders, designers, and architects to ensure the door will successfully become the finishing touch to the rest of the room. Your customers will love the unique touch of a theater in their home, complete with an intricate custom door design with their exact specifications in mind.

Monarch Custom Doors is your premier custom door company specializing in handcrafted home theater doors, wrought iron doors, custom entry doors, and more. If you or your customer is a movie buff, or just wants a quiet space to bring the cinema to the home, Monarch Custom Doors can meet all of those needs and desires with a custom home theater door. View our home theater door galleryand contact us today to start designing your handcrafted home theater door.


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