Spotlight: Exterior Wood Doors with Wrought Iron Designs

Monarch Custom Doors handcrafts many different types of creations to make your home even more beautiful, but today we want to spotlight one of our favorite items: exterior wood doors with wrought iron designs. We think the balance between a hardwood door and durable wrought iron creates a sophisticated look that any homeowner would be lucky to feature on their door.

There are so many different ways to display custom wrought iron designs onto an exterior wood door; Monarch Custom Doors strongly advocates unique, one-of-a-kind doors. However, if you’re at a loss for where to start, we’ve got some ideas for you from past door designs that we think will help to get your creative juices flowing.

Exterior wood doors with wrought iron designsOne of our favorite ways to combine exterior wood doors with wrought iron designs is through this simple and rustic style. We can take any base hardwood that you choose – anything from black walnut to Brazilian kingwood – and attach wrought iron features, like this speakeasy grill. Speakeasy door grills are purely decorative, beautiful focal points for your front door, but they actually originated during the prohibition era to act as a way to get into a speakeasy. While the use of a speakeasy grill won’t get you into any secret clubs these days, it will enhance the look of your door, while creating a rustic feel for your home. We can also create a functional speakeasy grill that can open on the inside, as an added security feature for your front door.

Another way to take full advantage of exterior wood doors with wrought iron designs is by utilizing wrought iron on a large portion of the door while incorporating a small amount of framing hardwood. Doors like this one combine the best of both worlds – a large wrought iron design and glass panel takes up most of the space, and then the outside frame of the door is finished with oak. This is a wonderful way to create a custom door with multiple materials to give off subtle complexities without overwhelming the eye.Exterior wood doors with wrought iron designs

We also work directly with architects, designers, and builders, and can ensure that any of our custom exterior wood doors with wrought iron designs will help set your home designs apart from the others. If your company builds luxury homes, Monarch Custom Doors is your best option on the market for custom doors, gates, and windows. Adding a customized wrought iron design to a front entryway will distinguish your homes and draw your customers in. Attention to detail is our forte, and we know that in the home selling business every detail counts. Contact us today to work with our specialists on exterior wood doors with wrought iron designs on your custom homes.

Monarch Custom Doors is your premier custom door maker specializing in many materials, including hardwoods and wrought iron. Create your beautiful, custom door with some of our favorite materials including wood and wrought iron; check out our gallery of exterior wood doors and wrought iron doors. Contact us to get started designing your dream door today,  we’ll make your custom door dreams a reality.

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