Feature Item: Custom Built Garage Doors

At Monarch Custom Doors, our area of expertise is not contained to just wrought iron doors and entry doors – we also create custom built garage doors. When you find yourself moving to a new home, building a new garage for your client, or updating your a client’s garage doors, look no further than Monarch Custom Doors for your handcrafted, custom built garage doors.

Choose from Custom Built Garage Doorsour gallery of meticulously built garage doors, or come up with your own design. We work with anyone – from a designer with CAD to napkin artists – to build our custom doors. We can create your custom built garage doors with any materials you desire, like wood, wrought iron, or copper. We have also built many different garage doors with custom windows, intricate designs, and exotic woods to give the doors a look as unique as the home.

Whether you’re working independently or with a client, we can fulfill any needs and desires surrounding custom built garage doors. We can build multiple doors for a three-or-more car garage, or one large single door for a smaller garage. And of course, if you need, each garage door can include an automatic opener. Whatever you or your client dreams up, we can build it.

Custom Built Garage Door Materials

Each of our custom built garage doors can be made with whatever material you choose and to your exact specifications. Here are a few popular options to choose from:

  • Wood – this includes anything from your location’s native hardwoods to exotic and rare wood.
  • Metal – such as copper or wrought iron.
  • Glass – for your custom garage door windows.

We work with a wide array of materials for your custom built garage doors, any of which you can combine or choose from to make your garage doors unique.

Custom Built Garage Doors

Just like all of our other products, we build our garage doors with durability and quality in mind. Our custom built garage doors will last for years and bring your home the perfect amount of ageless beauty you or your clients have always dreamed of.

The fun part about creating beautiful custom built garage doors is that we can match them with your custom wrought iron or entry door. Custom homes commonly have beautiful wrought iron designs integrated in the aesthetics of the home, and at Monarch Custom Doors we love creating intricate designs that create continuity from your front door, to your garage, and even your outdoor spaces.


When you or your clients are on the search for custom built garage doors, look to Monarch Custom Doors for your handcrafted design. Feel free to peruse our gallery of stunning garage doors, or contact us today to start designing your new set of garage doors.

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