The Many Different Types of Custom Railings by Monarch Custom Doors

At Monarch Custom Doors, we love to work with our clients to create the most gorgeous and practical custom railings on the market. For builders, designers, and architects, we have a wide variety of options for custom railings, from balconies to staircases. We will work directly with any of our clients to turn a dream into reality. You dream it, we handcraft it!

Custom Railings

There are many different types of custom railings out there, and Monarch Custom Doors is not limited to one certain style or prototype. We can create any sort of custom railing you want for your home using any materials you want to showcase. If you or your client is having trouble choosing which material to use, we think you’ll find this list helpful:

  • Wrought Iron – ideal for an elegant and secure railing.
  • Cast Iron – can be utilized for security benefits.
  • Wood – creates a classic look for indoor railings.
  • Silver and gold– perfect for adding extra shine to your design.
  • Copper – used as a rustic accent.
  • Bronze and brass– adds sophistication to any railing.

When it comes down to the type of custom railings you need for the home, there are a few factors to consider. Are you looking for a certain style? Maybe your home was built in the 60’s and you want to update the railings with a mid-century artistic touch. Or perhaps your home is in need of a railing for your front porch. Whatever your reason for needing a handcrafted railing for your home, Monarch Custom Doors can provide you with a customized option for a reasonable price.

Different Types of Custom Railings
There are so many different types of custom railings to choose from, like:

Custom Railings

Custom railings can be built strategically to give your home the look of sophistication, elegance, or modernism. We’ve designed and built custom railings that focus on many different styles, including but not limited to: art deco, rustic, opulent, classic, industrial, English garden, European, Victorian, executive, and scrolling.

Whether you’re looking for a staircase, balcony, porch, or patio railing, Monarch Custom Doors should be your first choice when making this decision. Our highly qualified and experienced staff will work directly with you or your clients to design custom railings that are one-of-a-kind. Contact us at 800-202-0816 to get your free quote, or go to our form here to get started today. We look forward to hearing from you soon to start designing your custom railings!


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