Material Spotlight: Handcrafted Solid Wood Doors

Handcrafted Solid Wood Doors

Monarch Custom Doors is the premier custom door company building your client’s dream doors with a wide variety of materials, including handcrafted solid wood doors. When choosing between materials for a custom built door, solid wood is an excellent option for a custom and ageless door. If your client is in need of a custom solid wood entry, exterior, interior, wine cellar, church, office, or home theater door, Monarch Custom Doors is the right company for you.

There are 1,650 different species of wood in the world, and of that number 81 are commonly used to construct doors. Within those 81 species are even more options; you see, most species have subsets of varieties. For example, the species Mahogany alone has 85 different varieties. With the large amount of different choices of wood species, and their varieties, the options seem endless when designing handcrafted solid wood doors.

A Few Different Species of Wood

Since there are 81 different species of wood to utilize when designing handcrafted solid wood doors, we thought we would narrow down the choices for you. Here are some of our favorite species of wood to work with for their unique qualities and ageless beauty:


  • Brazilian Rosewood: Brazilian Rosewood originates from Brazil and India, and is a rare, endangered species. This wood is the Holy Grail of woods, and is used for musical instruments. Brazilian Rosewood is a premium price wood that will make any front door stand out with its unique grain patterns.
  • Black Walnut: A rare wood that is often chocolate brown in color, Black Walnut is one of the most versatile and popular woods for use in fine cabinetry. Black Walnut is a premium price wood and looks great with any sort of modern door design.
  • Narra: Narra is primarily from the Philippines and Southeast Asia and is sometimes called East Indian Mahogany. This wood stains well and has a beautiful grain. Narra is a mid-range price wood that compliments whatever door designs your client needs.Handcrafted Solid Wood Doors
  • Pecan: Pecan is a species of Hickory. It is one of the heaviest and strongest woods available. Color range is from white-tan to reddish-brown. It is an extremely tough and resilient wood. Pecan is a mid-premium price wood that provides an added element of security through its weight and durability.
  • Black Cherry: Black Cherry can be a rich reddish-brown color that darkens with age. It is unsurpassed in its finishing qualities. Color variations between boards can be significant. Cherry is a premium price wood that can be used to make a stunning custom wood door with a classic design.
  • Teak: There are at least 18 varieties of Teak, so it’s important that the right one is selected. Indigenous to Southeast Asia, it is an extremely heavy wood that is very durable. Teak is a premium price wood suitable for nearly any solid wood entry door project.


These hardwoods are some contractors’ favorites because of their unique grains, colors, and durability – clients love the uniqueness these doors are able to bring to the home design. When thinking about handcrafted solid wood doors, we often look to these options because of their naturally beautiful appearances. Our craftsmen are artists who enjoy creating designs with the wide variety of unique hardwoods out there. If you don’t see an option you like here, we encourage homebuilders to explore our gallery or speak to us directly to find the best wood that fits your clients’ needs.

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