Our Favorite Designs of 2017: Top 10 Custom Entry Door Designs

Another year has come and gone and so have lots of different custom entry door designs. Since Monarch Custom Doors specializes in custom entry doors, we couldn’t narrow our favorite designs to just one or two; here are our top 10 custom entry doors designs from 2017!

Builders, designers, and architects are our top clients – which is why we created this list as inspiration to help plan and create homes their clients will love.

  1. Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Wrought Iron doors are our favorite! We use 12-gauge wrought iron for our doors, windows, and more to provide our clients with the strongest iron on the market. We love the look of this intricate iron grill style wrought iron door.                                               

custom entry door designs

  1. Vintage Style Wrought Iron Doors

There’s just something about antique items that make us reminisce about the days of old. Timeless pieces like this vintage style wrought iron double door were all the rage in 2017. This is one trend that we hope sticks around for a few more years!

custom entry door designs

  1. Intricately Designed Metal Church Doors

In 2017, we also saw many  intricately designed doors. One of our favorite doors we’ve ever created is this gorgeous wrought iron church door that was intricately designed by one of the very talented Monarch Custom Door craftsmen. This door might have been created in 2017, but its beauty and grace will last for a lifetime.

custom entry door designs

  1. Interior Sliding Doors

One of our favorite custom entry door designs of 2017 is this simplistic yet practical sliding glass. This type of entry door allows for plenty of natural light while marrying the indoors with the outdoors, giving the entryway a unique and handcrafted design.

custom entry door designs

  1. Handcrafted Home Theater Doors

A home theater can provide any family or movie buff a customizable silver screen experience. 2017 proved to be another popular year for home theaters, and this was our favorite handcrafted home theater door – double doors built with hardwood, two round windows, and metal inserts for an enhanced design.

custom entry door designs

  1. Barn Doors

Barn doors made a comeback in the world of interior custom entry door designs in 2017, and this is a trend we love! The ease of sliding a barn door to get in or out of a room is fun and unique. Plus, you can make the door rustic or modern. We really enjoyed creating this sleek, modern wood and metal barn door.

custom entry door designs

  1. Custom Hand Carved Wooden Doors

While custom hand carved wooden doors aren’t as trendy, they still hold a special place at Monarch Custom Doors because of the intricate details and time that goes into each one we create. Our craftsmen dedicate hundreds of hours to these hand carved wooden doors, making them some of our favorite custom entry door designs of 2017.

custom entry door designs

  1. Wine Cellar Doors

Personal wine cellars within the home are special rooms that require timeless custom entry door designs. Wine cellar doors are also a great way to incorporate wrought iron into an interior door. In 2017 wine cellar doors were abundant, but our favorite has got to be this gorgeous wood, glass, and wrought iron door featuring grapes handmade out of wrought iron.

custom entry door designs

  1. Mixed Materials Doors

Wrought iron is a timeless metal that we incorporate into almost all of our exterior custom entry door designs, but sometimes combining it with other materials such as copper or hardwoods can be more aesthetically pleasing. We love this Spanish style front entry door designed with oak, wrought iron for the design highlights, and a glass window.

custom entry door designs

  1. Arched Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought iron doors are our forte at Monarch Custom Doors, and since they come in all shapes and sizes, we have to choose this unique arched wrought iron door for our 10th top custom entry door designs of 2017. The rolling archway gives any door an inviting design that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

custom entry door designs

This past year was an incredible one for Monarch Custom Doors, full of custom entry door designs that we loved. Every year our clients surprise us with their ideas for designs, and this year was no different. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 custom entry door designs for 2017! To get inspired for a new design, check out our galleries of doors, railings, windows, gates, or garage doors. If you’re interested in creating your own handcrafted door, contact us today!

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