Wrought Iron Doors: Increasing the Value of Your Home Designs

Builders, architects, and designers appreciate the fact that their business relies on offering a product with higher value. Stand out in your industry by designing and building your homes with high end wrought iron doors from Monarch Custom Doors. Wrought iron doors provide ageless beauty and additional security increasing the value of the home.

Increasing the value of the homeSecurity Features & Durability

The durability of wrought iron has given it a place in history being utilized in a variety of ways including the use of adding security. Wrought iron doors have been used to fortify castles, grace gardens, enhance entryways, and decorate grand staircases. Its malleability makes it ideal for clients to custom design their front entry door for their specific taste and Its strength gives it purpose, helping to secure the home. Monarch Custom Doors will not only add value to the home but our doors retain their value as well giving you a better product with higher value.


Add an element of beauty, sophistication, elegance to any home with wrought iron. Any design that you or your client can dream up can be made with wrought iron. Whether we will be handcrafting beautiful scrollwork, laser cutting or CNC machining unique designs, or crafting simple French style doors for you and your clients, you will be getting a one of a kind work of art. Add to the beauty of your home’s design not only with a wrought iron door but with a matching railing, gate, or window.

Increasing the value of the homeUniqueness

We have a large gallery of wrought iron doors to help inspire your clients in creating their own unique custom wrought iron door. We handcraft and customize every wrought iron door which gives your property the added value it deserves.

When building and designing high-end homes, the front door is a focal point. At Monarch Custom Doors, we can help add security, aesthetics, and uniqueness to any new or improved custom home.

Whether your client is thinking about adding in a wrought iron door, railing, gate, or window, Monarch Custom Doors is the right choice. Contact us today to start on a design or get your free quote!

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