Are Wrought Iron Doors Safe? Your Questions Answered!

In the next installment of Your Questions Answered, we’re answering some of the most frequent questions we hear about wrought iron doors. Monarch Custom Doors is your expert in wrought iron doors, and we are thrilled to partner with builders, architects, and homeowners to find the perfect wrought iron door to adorn home and building entries around the globe. See our answers to your questions about wrought iron doors:wrought iron door questions

Are Wrought Iron Doors Safe?

Yes, Monarch Custom Doors handcrafts wrought iron doors with safety in mind! In addition to looking more formidable than a standard door, we offer our Multi-Point Locking System upgrade for all wrought iron doors. This system is designed to add to the security of the home or building by reinforcing the door at three points. The locking system includes deadbolts near the bottom and top of your door, as well as the standard deadbolt in the center. At each bolting point, there are three thick bolts that engage into the wrought iron door jamb, making your door much stronger than a single-lock system. This premium hardware is available for any wrought iron door design. We also offer impact glass for all wrought iron doors as an added level of security for each door. Learn more about wrought iron door safety.

Are Wrought Iron Doors Energy Efficient?

Yes! All wrought iron doors made by the Monarch Custom Doors team are designed to be energy efficient. Each door comes with closed celled polyurethane foam insulation injected into all of the hollow spaces of the wrought iron. This insulation improves the R-Value of the door, helping to reduce energy loss. It also helps prevent condensation and frost from building up on the inside of the door in cold climates. Learn more about Monarch Custom Doors’ energy efficient wrought iron doors.

How to Clean Wrought Iron Doors?

Monarch Custom Doors are noted for their high-durability and beautiful finishes, but they still need care and regular cleanings. Monarch Custom Doors recommends homeowners clean and inspect doors once a month using the following technique to clean wrought iron doors:

  • Depending on how many wrought iron doors are in the home, you will need a small amount of vegetable-based soap (such as Castile soap) — about one teaspoon per door — mixed with water in a small dish. Mix the solution until suds form.
  • Dip a low-lint cloth in the solution and wipe dirt and any other contaminants from the door, making sure to cover the whole door. Typically, only the outside of the door needs to be cleaned unless the inside of your door faces a particularly harsh environment, such as a workshop.
  • Once you’ve wiped down the entire door, thoroughly rinse the door with a low-pressure hose or bucket. Be sure to wash away any remaining soap, as it can discolor the door if large amounts are left for a long time.
  • After rinsing, dry the entire door with a clean low-lint cloth to remove any remaining water.

Frequent cleanings will help preserve the life of your door on your wrought iron door and keep it looking as great as the day it was installed.

How Much do Wrought Iron Doors Cost?

Wrought iron doors can vary widely in price depending on custom features, style, glass inserts, upgrades, and overall size of the door. Typically speaking, wrought iron doors can be more expensive than other standard door types but are known to be more elegant and durable. Monarch Custom Doors is proud to say our wrought iron doors are the most affordable priced doors on the market. Our doors range in price, depending on the size of the door and any special design considerations your door may include. Contact us today with your ideas. You dream it, we can build it, and we’ll help you find a solution to fit the budget of your project.

Wrought Iron Doors Pros and Cons?

While we personally think there are many more pros than cons of wrought iron doors, it’s important to have all of the information up front before deciding what’s right for your home or upcoming construction project. The pros of wrought iron doors include their amazing versatility and beautiful design, the added security features available, the durability of wrought iron doors, and their ability to add value to your home. The downside of wrought iron doors is they are a bit more expensive than a traditional door, but they will last a lifetime and look beautiful on your home or building.

Considering a wrought iron door for your home or project? Contact the wrought iron door experts at Monarch Custom Doors. We’re here to answer any further questions you may have about wrought iron doors and help you decide which type of door is the best choice. Get inspired by looking through our online wrought iron door gallery and don’t hesitate to reach out to Monarch Custom Doors to get started designing the door of your dreams!

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